Services completely integrated

DGA Commercial Lending is a mortgage brokerage firm properly listed with the AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers).

Our mission is to be the trustworthy partner of real estate investors as the only mortgage brokerage firm of Quebec offering completely integrated services including de facto risk management and taxation and financial planning during a funding operation.

To do so, we count on a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with our clients, where trust and integrity are at the head of common success with no compromise.

Types of funding

Multifamily redidential

Thanks to its partnership with Dominion Lending Centres, one of the biggest mortgage brokerage firms of the country, DGA has exclusive agreements with many active lenders in the multi-family market. These agreements guarantee the best funding conditions for investor clients.

Targeted market:

  • 6 units and more
  • Situated in Quebec
  • Insured loan (CMHC)
  • Conventional loan
  • Refinancing
  • Equity take out, repurchasing of shares
  • Financing of buildings to be optimized
  • Stocks purchase transactions

Commercial & Industrial

DGA Commercial Lending also has extensive expertise in the financing of commercial and industrial buildings. Thanks to the team’s years of experience, gained working for Canadian banks and insurers as well as strong relationships built over time, we can get the best funding for your acquisition of a commercial building.

Targeted market:

  • Loan amounts of $500,000 and +
  • Commercial building (office, shop, etc.)
  • Industrial building (storehouse, factory, distribution centre, manufacture, etc.)

Program for Homeowner Entrepreneur

DGA Commercial Lending has a specific expertise for entrepreneurs wishing to become the owners of their premises used to operate their company. Depending on the company sector and the owners profiles, DGA can secure financing frequently going up to 100% of the building purchase price for those entrepreneurs.

Alternative funding

Either through it’s network of private lenders or through its expertise in capital funding, DGA Commercial Lending can find innovative solutions to financing problems when banks make a refusal. With an excellent knowledge of the exempt market, of corporative financing and of investment vehicles that are said to be non-traditional, DGA can help you on many levels.

Targeted market:

  • Partnership structuration
  • Models for capital funding
  • Investment vehicles fiduciary management
  • Regulation guidance and compliance
  • Asset securitization
  • Consultation about the use of the exempt market

Offered Professional Services

Tax planning

With its specialized team, DGA Commercial Lending offers, in-house, a tax planning services for real estate transactions and for Canadian privately owned companies. By now, investors are fully aware that taxation is a key element that cannot be neglected since it is determinant to their success. As the only firm offering the possibility of tax guidance combined with its mortgage financing, DGA counts on the active integration of taxation at the heart of its financing transactions.

Foreign investors

Through its sister company DGA International Ltd, the team guides foreign investors mostly located in Africa and in Europe in their real estate investment in Quebec. Thanks to its precious network of collaborators and its expertise in financing, DGA can offer a full guidance to its clients through every step of the transaction.

International tax planning

Through time, DGA added to its list of services international tax planning for its clients. Both for non-resident and Canadians wishing to benefit from international opportunities, DGA International Ltd offers a complete guidance for tax planning abroad.

Our expertise at your service

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